Saturday, January 21, 2012

Pacers' mascot shatters high school's backboard

I found this video while scanning headlines on Yahoo earlier.

Here is what I love about it (I'll try to go in chronological order):

  1. First off, you know these kids probably didn't care at all that the Pacers mascot was coming into town. They were totally humoring him by getting into.
  2. At around :07 into the video, look at the kid in the blue shirt trying to do The Running Man.
  3. Check out right after the backboard is shattered. There are about three seconds of shock, then everyone goes nuts. Especially the group of athletes, I'm assuming football players that didn't play basketball, storm the court.
We've all been to a game that gets out of hand early and nothing interesting happens. The game was 31-15 at halftime, as you can see from this video. The home team won handily and it's obvious the crowd definitely got the highlight of the night during Boomer's dunk.

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