Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Dark Knight Rises Prologue/ Viral Marketing?

Last Friday, I received a tweet from a friend with a link to Operation Earlybird. There was much speculation surrounding the countdown on the site. When the clock expired it appeared to be a site for an exclusive screening of the 6 minute Dark Knight Rises movie.

I am a HUGE Batman fan, and the Chris Nolan franchise has completely rekindled my love for the franchise (let's not bring up Schumacher). My cousin and I drove an hour to Huntsville to see it in IMAX. We were on the edge of our seats for an hour waiting on the prologue to drop.

I'm surprised I haven't seen the Internet absolutely explode after people left, or maybe there just really weren't that many people that were privy to Operation Earlybird. Anyway, here are my thoughts on TDK Rises prologue. I was definitely hoping to leave with a better understanding of the plot, this just left me with more questions!

  • Bane's voice- Okay, it's light years better than Bale's horrid Bat-voice, but it was waaaaay too muffled. I understood a few phrases, but, overall, I could barely understand him. The tone of his voice is amazing, it just needs to be more clear. I've read several sites saying that this will be fixed in post by Nolan (hopefully).
  • Dr. Patel- We see Dr. Patel briefly. SPOILER: What was up with the blood transfusion? Bane's dialogue was extremely muffled and I couldn't understand what he was saying/doing. The blood was transferred from one man to Dr. Patel, or maybe the other way around. Is this Lazarus Pit serum? Something new? What the heck?
  • The clip mash up at the end- Cat Woman's outfit? GTFO. It was awful. The Batwing? GTFO. What was that all about?
So, the prologue left me with a lot of unanswered questions. We were all give t-shirts. There were two different kinds. One said "End" and had what looked like Bane's mask. The other, which I got, said "Legend" and had a Bat symbol on it. Are these the next phase of the viral marketing campaign? Maybe some kind of ticket for the next big event? I don't know you tell me.

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