Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Let me begin this post by saying this ... I NEVER remember my dreams. Ever.

I have always been fascinated by dreams and what goes on while we sleep. That may be a little weird, but to each his own.

I loved Inception and I've been writing a few short stories that revolve around themes of dreaming and whatnot. I've been studying a ton about lucid dreams. If you're unfamiliar with lucid dreams, please watch this short 7-min video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ASf55cov5F8 . It's a pretty cool video and Discover Channel breaks down the subject quite nicely. So now you have the context down. Good.

This morning I woke up holding my iPhone in front of my face like I had been reading it. I rolled over and turned the phone on. There was a picture of a kid holding an AK-47 and the caption said, "What music would you listen to while killing your classmates?" Needless to say, I was completely freaked out. I read the posts under the photo and it was kids literally posting songs from YouTube. I've been known to fabricate stories a little bit, but I could not just make all of this up.

It gets weirder.

I clicked the back button and it was a .gif of that stupid cat playing piano. Then, all of the sudden, the Occupy Cop comes flying onto the screen and maces the cat in the face.

I have no recollection at all of reading any of that or where my train of thought was when I "searched" for that in the first place. I also deleted the page on my iPhone's Safari. I wanted to check to be sure I wasn't dreaming when all of this took place, but, like I said, I closed out of the page. I think I've been incepted by a cat loving murderer.

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