Thursday, August 4, 2011

WILT: Planking Owling Batting

Oh, you kids and your fads. Have you heard of planking? Meh, lame. Have you heard of owling? Ah, it's too outdated. Heard of batting? Well it's the next step in the evolution of planking. If planking is Ardipithicus ramidus, then batting is Homo sapiens sapiens. I love how quickly one trend can take off and suddenly drop off the map. As soon as you hop onto the trend bandwagon, the trend has already moved on to a trend jet pack.

I first heard about planking three months ago or so, maybe longer, when Dwight Howard posted pictures on his Twitter of him planking at random locations. I thought it was hysterical. I had no idea it could bring me so much joy. The wikipedia page for planking slays me.


It describes it as a fad and defines planking as "an activity consisting of lying face down in an unusual or incongruous location." I love hearing a scientific-type description of something that's really taken off in pop culture, it almost makes it not even cool. That's what makes fads interesting, though. They are born and die off at an insanely paced rate.

So, anyway. We'll move on to "owling." Owls are the latest fad for hipsters and girls that want to show off their keen sense of fashion (I like them because of Jeff Tweedy's guitar strap). Planking was fairly popular, but I don't know how many people have seen this owling thing.

Urban dictionary defines this as "evolved from planking, owling is the sitting on a random object/surface in a perched position, taking a picture of oneself and posting in on the internet."

Check out this gem:

That's owling on top of someone planking. >>>>>>

So as soon as people start owling the fad has evolved like a Level 36 Charmeleon. Batting is the Charizard in this craze.

Batting is my personal favorite. I think everyone that knows me well knows that I love superhero movies. I've always been obsessed with Batman. Batting is epic to me because it has the word "bat" in it and Jessie and I can re-enact that kiss scene from Spider-Man now. Just kidding.

Anyway, batting is basically where you hang upside down on random objects. I don't think that can be explained in a scientific manner. It just can't. I tried. Twice.
This one is my favorite:

The greatest thing about that site is the fact that all it does is compile photos of people batting. So what did I learn today? I learned about batting. Am I behind? Proabably. Do I give a bat's ... never mind.

What I learned? Planking is fading, owling is creeping its way out, and batting is the new thing. Also, never make a joke about re-enacting a movie kiss with your significant other. It will get you in trouble.

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