Sunday, April 24, 2011

Picking up where I left off

As of now, I am making it a point to pick this back up where I left off. For so long I have actually had a creative outlet for my work. Now, I have found that I don't. I was not hired back as The Flor-Ala's exec. The saddest thing is that I no longer have editorials.

I am truly going to miss having 450 words to say whatever the heck I wanted and I was guaranteed that a majority of people on campus were going to be exposed to my opinions. It was awesome for my ego. I imagine it's how LeBron feels when ESPN showers him with attention, except all the tens of people that read my work probably won't follow me here. Either way, this will still be a great place for me to vent, update my friends and family that I don't see that much and let you all know what I'm working on next.

I really need to establish a time and day that I will be doing these updates and stick with it. Unfortunately, I have reached the end of my creative wits for the night. I will post again tomorrow ...

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