Saturday, April 30, 2011

I fell in love with the NBA (again)

Back in March, Benjamin Ray invited Parker and me to go to a Grizzlies game with him. We got cheap seats, but I really think that there isn't a bad seat at an NBA game. I always try to go to a different MLB ballpark every summer with my dad. I enjoy MLB games, but they just aren't as action packed as an NBA game. It just isn't as exciting.

I had been in love with the NBA since my elementary school days and Benjamin had completely rekindled that love for the game simply by inviting me to that Memphis game. I went to NYC the following week and went to a Knicks game at Madison Square Garden with my friend Kris. Then, I went to LA two weeks later and saw the Lakers play the Mavs at Staples Center. Those three games I had basically nosebleed seats. I really could give two craps about the tickets because the view was great regardless.

I remember being eight years old and watching Kobe Bryant play for the first time. I was mesmerized. I bought a jersey, two posters, books, trading cards, shirts, shoes, etc. that were all Kobe endorsed and whatnot. He has been my favorite player, and finally getting to see him play in person was an experience that I'll never forget. It really made me realize why I love the NBA. It's just something about the excitement.

I've been following the NBA season/post season like crazy since March. I went to Buffalo Wild Wings for a bit tonight and watched the Grizz play the Spurs. I've been completely shocked by the Grizzlies big-time play against San Antonio. I was so stoked that they pulled off the upset tonight. The Memphis v. OKC match up will be incredible (and I"m hoping to break it down tomorrow).

So, it's really got me thinking about my next sporting event. I'd love to go see the Grizzlies at home playoff game. Travis, director of Ten-Four Ministries, called me a few days ago and offered me the opportunity to fly to D.C. and shoot some footage. I jumped at the opportunity. I'll be flying out Saturday morning and returning early Sunday, but the Nationals play at home for a day game that Saturday. I'm really hoping that I'm able to catch a bit of that game while I'm there. Even if I get there late, I really want to catch part of a game.

Don't get me wrong, there's a bit of unrivaled nostalgia that surrounds a pro baseball game, but it just doesn't have the action of an NBA game. If anyone happens to go see the Grizz, please let me know. I'm definitely in.

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