Sunday, December 25, 2011

Annnd the NBA is back!

Here are my thoughts on the opening day of the 2011-2012 (technically 2012?) season:

Boston Celtics v. New York Knicks
I, thanks to my good friend Kris Kirk, had a chance to visit the famous Madison Square Garden this past March. The Knicks played the Pacers. I have never been one to hop on the Melo train, but, man, seeing him in person was a different story. He was something insane like 9/10 from the field in the first quarter. For some crazy reason, D'Antoni took him sat him until two minutes left in the half. Kris and I were both puzzled.

Why take your hot hand out in that situation? I guess there's a reason he couldn't win when it counted in Phoenix. Needless to say, Melo didn't score another bucket until the waning minutes of the fourth quarter and the Knicks lost by double digits. So, I said all of that to say this ... Melo is the real deal. Especially when he's on fire.

Take a defensive force in the middle like Tyson Chandler and the always explosive Amare Stoudamire, and you've got a pretty dang good team. For the C's, Rondo played as phenomenal as always. Without Pierce, the Celtics really struggled. KG had a chance to win it at the end, but couldn't come through. I'm not worried about the Celtics, I know they'll pick things back up once the Truth is back, but the Knicks really surprised me. If they can stay consistent, they may be a tough matchup for a lot of teams in the East.

Chicago Bulls v. Los Angeles Lakers

Kobe Bryant is and will always be my favorite player. Granted, that's my favorite player of my era. I don't count Jordan, if I did, he would win hands down. There's something that gets me totally jacked watching the Black Mamba play basketball. I also had a chance to see him play this past year. My friend Gio and I went to Staples and saw the Lakers play against the soon-to-be NBA champion Dallas Mavericks.

The team last year had a lot going for them, it doesn't look to be the case this year. Good Lord, the Lakers looked very weak. Gasol is the Vlade Divac of the new decade. Meta World Peace is just Meta World Peace. I don't think anyone that looks down while dribbling with their strong hand is worthy of being labeled as an NBA superstar. The Lakers were sloppy. I'm used to seeing a shootout almost every game, but this one was different.

Let me tell you, Derrick Rose's Bulls weren't killing it, either. The Bulls had a long drought in the second half that allowed the Laker's to pull ahead, and they fortunate to come back and win it. I was most shocked, though, to see Deng block Kobe clean and Kobe not argue in attempt to get a call. Shocking.

Miami Heat v. Dallas Mavericks

Finally, the moment you've all been waiting for. If you have a Mac, you might want to press Command, Shift, 3, and take a screenshot. The Miami Heat were the best team that played today. Lebron James was the most impressive player that played today. I now feel like crying.

If you know me at all, you know that I cannot stand Lebron James, but I'll give credit where it's due. Man, he tore it up today. D-Wade complimented him nicely. Until James proves himself when it really matters, I still will continue to call the Heat D-Wade's team. He definitely carried them through the Finals when James was pulling his annual choke-fest.

Dallas is not the same team, and I'm not sure they'll fare very well this season. Losing Chandler, Barea, and DeShawn Stevenson were complete blows to the heart of Dallas' identity. Chandler was a beast in the paint, Barea sparked the offense off the bench and even did excellent when he started, and Stevenson was a fiery defensive stopper that could nail a three when the d let their guard down. I just was not expecting the Mavs to look that sloppy. That first half was just putrid.

I hope you're all happy, the Heat looked great today. I'm going to go throw up now.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Dark Knight Rises Prologue/ Viral Marketing?

Last Friday, I received a tweet from a friend with a link to Operation Earlybird. There was much speculation surrounding the countdown on the site. When the clock expired it appeared to be a site for an exclusive screening of the 6 minute Dark Knight Rises movie.

I am a HUGE Batman fan, and the Chris Nolan franchise has completely rekindled my love for the franchise (let's not bring up Schumacher). My cousin and I drove an hour to Huntsville to see it in IMAX. We were on the edge of our seats for an hour waiting on the prologue to drop.

I'm surprised I haven't seen the Internet absolutely explode after people left, or maybe there just really weren't that many people that were privy to Operation Earlybird. Anyway, here are my thoughts on TDK Rises prologue. I was definitely hoping to leave with a better understanding of the plot, this just left me with more questions!

  • Bane's voice- Okay, it's light years better than Bale's horrid Bat-voice, but it was waaaaay too muffled. I understood a few phrases, but, overall, I could barely understand him. The tone of his voice is amazing, it just needs to be more clear. I've read several sites saying that this will be fixed in post by Nolan (hopefully).
  • Dr. Patel- We see Dr. Patel briefly. SPOILER: What was up with the blood transfusion? Bane's dialogue was extremely muffled and I couldn't understand what he was saying/doing. The blood was transferred from one man to Dr. Patel, or maybe the other way around. Is this Lazarus Pit serum? Something new? What the heck?
  • The clip mash up at the end- Cat Woman's outfit? GTFO. It was awful. The Batwing? GTFO. What was that all about?
So, the prologue left me with a lot of unanswered questions. We were all give t-shirts. There were two different kinds. One said "End" and had what looked like Bane's mask. The other, which I got, said "Legend" and had a Bat symbol on it. Are these the next phase of the viral marketing campaign? Maybe some kind of ticket for the next big event? I don't know you tell me.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Let me begin this post by saying this ... I NEVER remember my dreams. Ever.

I have always been fascinated by dreams and what goes on while we sleep. That may be a little weird, but to each his own.

I loved Inception and I've been writing a few short stories that revolve around themes of dreaming and whatnot. I've been studying a ton about lucid dreams. If you're unfamiliar with lucid dreams, please watch this short 7-min video . It's a pretty cool video and Discover Channel breaks down the subject quite nicely. So now you have the context down. Good.

This morning I woke up holding my iPhone in front of my face like I had been reading it. I rolled over and turned the phone on. There was a picture of a kid holding an AK-47 and the caption said, "What music would you listen to while killing your classmates?" Needless to say, I was completely freaked out. I read the posts under the photo and it was kids literally posting songs from YouTube. I've been known to fabricate stories a little bit, but I could not just make all of this up.

It gets weirder.

I clicked the back button and it was a .gif of that stupid cat playing piano. Then, all of the sudden, the Occupy Cop comes flying onto the screen and maces the cat in the face.

I have no recollection at all of reading any of that or where my train of thought was when I "searched" for that in the first place. I also deleted the page on my iPhone's Safari. I wanted to check to be sure I wasn't dreaming when all of this took place, but, like I said, I closed out of the page. I think I've been incepted by a cat loving murderer.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Pookie ruined my street cred

What little street cred I had was shattered. I guess it wouldn't matter, anyway. The fact that I openly call my girlfriend Pookie doesn't help my case. You know what? That's love for ya.

At any rate, Jessie and I share a Spotify account. I was unaware that I had changed my preferences to post what songs I listen to via Spotify. Jessie recently listened to Glee, Celine Dion, Lady GaGa and others that I normally wouldn't listen to.

Look, it's not that I despise, discredit, or look down my nose at her for listening to them, it's just that I wouldn't normally listen to them given a choice. So it's funny to see those artists posted on my Spotify/Facebook.

In case you missed it, here is what my feeble street rep snapping in half looked like: