Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My new musical love

I have found a new musical love.

Last night, or two nights ago? (It was Monday night, but I'm typing this at 12:45 am on Wednesday) My Papa called me and said that he had a CD he wanted to bring by and let me hear. He has been begging me for 3 weeks now to go down to Double Springs, AL with him to Uncle Tommy's house and listen to some songs "on his youtube." Papa still doesn't understand that I can watch the same video that Uncle Tommy is watching.
Anyway, Papa decided to take matters into his own hands. (This is where I get it from.) He had Uncle Tommy burn him a CD and he was bound and determined that he was going to bring it over.
He came over, and to be honest, I was in a complete rush. My buddy Matt Curtis and I had changed the time of our writing session about 395309872 times over the past two weeks and at least 3 times that day. I had to get to Matt's and called Papa around 9 to tell him that I had to leave. He informed me that he was walking in the door.
We popped the CD in and I wasn't too sure what to expect. I heard a virtuoso blues player on a few tracks and then I heard something unique, something different. It was a song called Rockin Pneumonia by Huey Piano Smith. It was 2 minutes and 17 seconds of sheer magic.
It reminded me of days that were easy, days where music was real and meant something to the musicians that played it. What happened to that? We have this corporate music scene where it all just seems so manufactured. So many people are just awestruck over Lady Gaga, but what is she doing really?


In a world of heavy, heavy auto-tune and Justin Bieber, we have one person that is actually being themselves and the world goes ape crap. The song I heard was just so pure, and had so much bounce. I felt like grabbing my guitar and picking it out. What happened to music like that? Music will never be as good as it can be until people my age realize that music will never be as amazing as the music our parents and grandparents listened to. Now I'm not against all "new music." Just like there is a bad batch of new music, there is also a batch of good singers and songwriters.
All I'm saying is that what I heard was fresh, and since it's from 1957 ( I think) that proves that it's also timeless. Take a listen people

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