Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Time Flies

It looks like I completely fell through on my promise of updating my blog. I had extremely high expectations of one day dominating the world with my blog. I hoped to have reviews about many, many things and talk about several witty thoughts of mine daily. But, my friends, there is hope. Here's to the future.

1.) I was driving to my parents when I realized what the car tag said in front of me. The numbers 666 followed by three letters. I started thinking about it. I'm sure someone in prison had a real fun time making that one. They probably thought how funny it would be to get back at the society that had placed them in prison. I mean, heck, it wasn't because of their actions that they're in jail. Take for instance the newest commercial from Pizza Hut. It says something along the lines of "Losing isn't so bad." No kid, you're terribly misinformed.

Losing is freaking horrible. These days kids get trophies regardless of the final score/rank/standings/place. To truly enjoy/understand a hard earned win, you have to feel the pain of losing. When you take the pain out of losing and make it as fun as winning, why does it mean so much to win? This commercial, to me, exemplified everything I hate about society's take on competition. (Kudos to Justin Dorroh and our chat about this commercial.)

2.) This is another little thought I had bouncing around my brain today... When someone makes a drastic change in their lifestyle after high school graduation, the whole time in high school were they displaying character or was it all about their status?

In high school if you didn't drink/do drugs etc etc, then why did you start now? If you were displaying character the entire first part of your life then you would continue on that same path. If it was all for show you change. I honestly think college is in large part about discipline. It's about making yourself get up every morning to go to class even though you really don't want to. It's about making yourself study early enough before an exam so you don't have to cram the night before. It's about making yourself go to bed at a decent hour. If you can be disciplined and keep yourself in check, college really is a breeze. I didn't really have any one person in particular, just kind of something that's been spinning the wheels in my head lately.

3.) I promise to myself and you, to start updating this bad boy as much as possible. No one will read it probably, but at least I can let out a lot of emotions that I don't normally unleash. That is it for tonight my friends.

Same Bat Time, Same Bat Channel...


  1. Losing isn't bad if you get pizza hut. Except it teaches you to lose so you get pizza hut. Hah. I like number two. I'm about to start a mini-series explaining how I failed. Good to have you back on here.

  2. We all fail brother. It's the only way we find out how to not make the same mistake, but if you keep making that same mistake then there's definite correction that must be made.